Facilitate Challenging Meetings With Confidence

Consultants or employees who deal with tough issues and controversial decisions often find themselves in the role of facilitator — negotiating meaningful solutions while dealing with a complex array of emotions and stakeholder personality types. Often these encounters involve complex and contentious issues and it’s the facilitator’s job to make sure that the meeting stays focused, remains civil, provides an opportunity for all to have a say within the framework of the meeting’s timeline and agenda, and that meeting objectives are achieved. This full-day workshop is designed to help participants develop and refine facilitation skills to be prepared for any situation that may arise at a stakeholder meeting—no matter how challenging.

Participants will:

  • Review facilitation basics, including tools and techniques and best practices for designing effective stakeholder meetings.
  • Learn how to recognize and manage various types of meeting dynamics—and personalities.
  • Prepare strategies to maximize effective participation, minimize conflict and hostility, and, when appropriate, build consensus.
  • Develop proficiency in handling on-the-spot challenging situations or difficult individuals and regain control of the meeting.
  • Gain tools to effectively use body language and vocal presence.
  • Learn how to control stress and look and feel confident while facilitating a meeting.

A few weeks prior to the workshop, participants will be sent an email asking them to describe their experience facilitating meetings or difficult encounters and to provide examples of challenges they have faced and want to address at the workshop. They will be asked to bring a case study to practice on-camera during the workshop and will engage in a group exercise involving a relevant case study. Each participant will practice facilitating the meeting while their colleagues role-play as audience members. The sessions will be videotaped and group critiques will follow.  Throughout the workshop, the trainers will deliver tips on body language, maintaining a vocal presence, and stress-reduction, including relaxation and breathing exercises, that help build confidence.

Participants will receive a custom-designed training manual at the workshop and a link to a password-protected Vimeo upload of the on-camera exercises.