Mastering the Message

Spokesperson training is a must for anyone called upon to speak about your organization’s project or issue. What you say and how you say it is critical to getting information out to your many constituents and stakeholders, including the public. This course is designed to help participants identify, hone and deliver their messages in a team setting.

Participants will gain skills to:

  • Prepare for interviews or public speaking engagements
  • Know their rights as a news source
  • Craft key messages for a program, issue or project.
  • Deliver their messages effectively–even during a crisis

This full- or half-day interactive workshop can accommodate up to 25 participants.

Workshop attendees will:

  • Review four key elements to message development and learn how to craft effective messages specific to their projects, sites or issues.
  • Develop messages together on a relevant group scenario.
  • Learn how to deliver and pivot back to key messages in any situation.

The group will break into small teams to develop messages on a relevant project or topic. Each team will select a presenter who will be videotaped by a “TV news team” during a mock interview. Workshop participants will receive a customized Spokesperson Review Guide, and a master DVD of the on-camera session will be provided to the workshop coordinator for duplication.