Pictures Speak 1000 Words – A Video/Visuals Primer

We live in a visual age, and more and more people are turning to video, rather than text, for the information they need. Today’s public involvement efforts must factor in the use of compelling visuals, including video, when informing and engaging stakeholders about important causes, issues, projects or developments.

During this highly interactive half-day course, participants will:

  • Learn what makes a good visual.
  • Review how to make the most of the equipment available, whether it’s a camcorder or an iPhone.
  • Practice setting the stage for an effective video shoot (background visuals, sounds, potential distractions.)
  • Practice the 6 shots that tell the story (wide angle, medium shot, close up, etc.).
  • Learn the fundamentals of creating B-roll for the news media use.
  • Review and critique their video.

Each attendee will receive a “Pictures Speak 1000 Words Video” Review guide. This course can accommodate up to 12 participants who will join the instructors on an on-site video “shoot.”