Present Effectively with Style and Skill

How you present information to your key stakeholders, including the public, government agencies and counterparts, and even your peers, can make a big difference in how your project, issue and your organization is perceived by your audiences. This course is designed to give you the confidence you need to “stand up and deliver” effectively.

Participants will gain skills to:

  • Plan and organize an effective presentation
  • Understand the rules of audience engagement
  • Deal with difficult participants and situations
  • Feel more confident in any speaking situation
  • Develop a credible presentation presence

This highly interactive full- or half-day workshop features videotaped examples of effective and ineffective presentations, an examination of an EPA-specific PPT presentations, and one-on-one exercises to enhance each participant’s confidence as a public speaker. The workshop can accommodate up to 25 attendees. Participants will work in groups to prepare an effective presentation that will be delivered in on-camera sessions. Each presentation will be discussed and critiqued by workshop trainers and fellow participants.

Workshop participants will receive a customized Presentation Review Guide and a master DVD of the on-camera sessions will be provided to the workshop coordinator for duplication and distribution to attendees.